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Lots of interpersonal interaction with Chef Stephan during food preparation and after dinner. The meal was also delicious.

the overall experience of having a meal prepared and cleaned for just like going out for dinner only at the luxury at your own home and not having to worry about son running around.
the food was tasty as well.

 Chef Abhishek allowed me to stay in the kitchen and watch him prepare the meal. Since I avidly watch cooking shows on television, it was a highlight to interact with a real chef ! 10/10


Chef Experience Gift Certificates - the perfect gift; a unique gift for everyone; loyalty rewards programs, employee incentive gifts

The perfect gift for your friends, family, clients or employees... a Chef Experience provided by their own Personal Chef in the comfort of their home.

Our Chefs are across Canada and are perfect for every occasion - Birthdays, Anniversaries, Entertaining and much more!


 We are dedicated to helping you succeed in your Personal Chef Career, bringing you a range of membership benefits to lower your business costs and guiding you through the many common issues and challenges that Personal Chefs face throughout their career.

With The Chef Alliance, a rewarding culinary career is within your grasp!


The Chef Alliance offers thousands of Chef Jobs to its chefs from the sale of chef gift experiences to the public, corporate sales, national promotions and the sale of chef gift experiences through our retail partners.  View the Chef Jobs posted since January 2009 in Canada, United States, Australia, United Kingdom and Ireland .  

If you are an experienced Chef and would like to submit an application to qualify for jobs from the Chef Alliance, Contact Us



Complete our simple booking form to begin your Chef Experience.  Contact Us for details.


Our comprehensive checklist will answer all the questions you have, and those that hadn't even occured to you!



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Traditional Personal Chef Service

Personal Chef Customised Meal Service

Too Tired To Cook
Too Many Late Nights
Everyone Has Different Tastes
Hire a personal chef to cook meals for the week - The Chef Alliance Hire a personal chef to cook meals for the week - The Chef Alliance  Hire a personal chef to cook meals for the week - The Chef Alliance
Need To Eat Well
Trying To Lose Weight
Unable To Cook
Hire a personal chef to cook meals for the week - The Chef Alliance Hire a personal chef to cook meals for the week - The Chef Alliance Hire a personal chef to cook meals for the week - The Chef Alliance
No Time To Cook Mothers-To-Be & New Mothers Too Busy To Cook
Hire a personal chef to cook meals for the week - The Chef Alliance Hire a personal chef to cook meals for the week - The Chef Alliance Hire a personal chef to cook meals for the week - The Chef Alliance


Hiring a Personal Chef may be the answer to your problems.  

Step 1

Call The Chef Alliance to book a chefCall or email the Chef Alliance.  As the largest association of Personal Chefs, we have Personal Chefs in Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia. 

Our customer service representatives will determine your needs and provide you with a personal chef that meets your exacting specifications. 

Step 2

Call The Chef Alliance to book a Personal ChefOur Chefs will conduct indepth interviews with you to find out all of your health & dietary concerns, as well as the food you enjoy and those you hate to eat.  If there are a number of members of your household to cook for, your Chef will gather information for everyone, so that recipes can be prepared to keep everyone happy.  


 Step 3

Call The Chef Alliance to book a Personal Chef & have wonderful food ready & waitingThe next step is to select a number of dinner items from their extensive menus.  Unlike delivery or processed meals, where food has been prepared in bulk, your Chef will customise the recipes specifically to suit you.  Imagine coming home to a hearty casserole, home-made pasta with sauce, seafood en papillote, BBQ ribs, and much more - all ready to warmed up or with very minimal preparation.

Step 4

Call The Chef Alliance to book a Personal Chef who will take care of all your dietary needsOn the day of your 'Chef Date' your Personal Chef will shop for all of the ingredients.  Believe it or not, this can save the average family 10 hours a month!  I bet you can think of hundreds of things to do with that extra time!

Not only does this save you time, but money as well!  How?  Most of us impulse-buy, spending money on items that are not going to be eaten before they are consumed.  Armed with a list of only the items required, your Chef will not fall into this trap.  Why waste money on food that will eventually be thrown away, when you could fill your pockets with the money or spend it on lifeès little luxuries!

Your Personal Chef also knows how to select the freshest ingredients, so that you know you are getting only the best.


  Step 5

Call The Chef Alliance to book a Personal ChefYour Personal Chef will then cook the selected menu items in your home, using their own utensils, saving you an average of 30 hours a month!

Within a few hours, your meals are cooked then cooled, packaged, labelled and left with heating instructions for you to use whenever you like!  

Your kitchen is left clean, your freezer is left full of delicious dinners, and your schedule is left free for friends, family and getting the most out of life!


Get back to living and enjoying life again!


Enjoy life again by hiring a personal chef - call The Chef AllianceEnjoy time with family by hiring a Personal Chef - Call The Chef Alliance


Our network of Chefs offering these services are listed on

For full details, speak with or email one of our Representatives to find a Personal Chef in your area, or to be listed as a Personal Chef.

Call or email The Chef Alliance


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